Events from 2017

Saturday 14thJanuary 2017: open day at TAAG in Teignmouth 

Friday 10th March 2017: 7.30pm – “Caught in a Droplet” - SDS concert at Teignmouth Classical Music Festival on the theme of water. Choir joined by Luc Walpot (harp) and Matt Harvey (poet). Programme included a new song “Plastic Planet” based on an article appearing in the 28thJanuary 2015 edition of New Scientist. 

Tuesday 14thMarch 2017: singing at Ford Primary School’s KS2 spring term event, including a new song written by the Y6 children working with David – “Robert Scott of Outland Road”

16thMarch to 29thApril 2017: David in the States. Teignmouth choir sessions taken by David Davies (3) and Michael Graham (1) and Ivybridge sessions by Alfie Pugh (3) and David Davies (1).

Tuesday 16thMay 2017: recording of “Plastic Planet” during Ivybridge rehearsal for media student’s TV documentary 

Sunday 4thJune 2017: “Picnic in the Park” event at the River Dart Country Park – singing for two separate half-hour stints 

Saturday 8thJuly 2017: “Fiery As Angels” - concert of Causley songs in Launceston Town Hall. Choir joined by Kathryn Collings (soprano), Jacqueline Herbert (double bass), Lily Neal (poet) and children from Smiley Happy People (SHP). Programme included a new song “Launceston or Lanson” written by SHP children working with David.