Quotes from our singers

"Thank you so much for your lovely e-mail. Like you I think of the choir, especially the Ivybridge group, as an extended family - despite only being a member for 15 months. At first, as you know, I was really worried because I am not a natural singer and still can't read the difference between a C or any other note! However, every other member has been so encouraging and welcoming that Tuesday night's have become the highlight of my week. Joining the choir has been the most up-lifting and positive experience of my life, and a lot of that is down to you and your patient, good-humoured , non-judgemental, encouraging leadership. So can I thank you in turn for everything you do to make us sound so good".




Quotes from our audience

A review of the first Granny Galactica concert performance at Yealmpton on 6th October 2019


"Thank you for the lovely concert.  It was so well thought out with the scenery, slides and narration and it worked beautifully. I really enjoyed the new songs which were not only fun and educational but also up to the minute, which is so important in science. I am not sure this particular work will ever be finished - which is rather wonderful. Granny Galactica the morphing musical!!!
It is a joy to watch and listen to the choir who have all absorbed and are able to communicate your terrific enthusiasm, whilst making a lovely sound:  Such a tonic in this age of cynicism.  It was good to meet some of them in the interval and discover how much your music and belonging to the group means to them."

Feedback from the Granny Galactica performance at the Meadow Centre, Teignmouth, 16th Novmenr 2019.


Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’. I’ve really enjoyed learning, singing and performing your brilliant songs - so funny, moving, poignant...so many things...
Last night was great fun.  Being in the choir has really helped my transition into being a wheelchair user and lovely to know so many complete songs. 
Thank you for bringing Granny Galactica back to Teignmouth from her tour.
The choir sang wonderfully, and was engaging with the audience! Every song
was great, and the atmosphere excellent. 
You sang many favourites of mine. I like the contemplative songs, the ones as Mary-Ann puts it with not "too many words." 
Bitter Tears was splendid, and particularly the first verse sung by the Altos: beautiful voices all blending perfectly together made a magic moment which made the spine tingle.
Brilliant performances of Moon, Planet Earth, Stargazing, Year after Year,and my all-time favourite, Four Billion Years, was sung better than ever before.
Well done, and thank you!
Just wanted to reinforce my awe and praise for this evenings production...
What a rollercoaster of emotion whilst watching the amazing talent in front of us audience members.
The singing was amazing, your control of the singers was brillient, the humor in your writing, and the hard hitting truth behind the story and the songs....well I was blown away.
Many thanks for performing at the meadow. 
Thank you for the lovely concert last night.  We enjoyed all the music and the slides and percussion were an inspired addition to the choir which has gone from strength to strength becoming a tight knit group creating an impressive sound. Their enthusiasm is infective which is obviously passed on by you and your wonderful communication skills.
How lovely to have an educational lecture during the evening as well.  Dr Jenny Hatchell’s demonstrations and slides complimented the songs so well making it a truly stimulating evening.
Looking forward to the next performance.

Comment from an audience member at the Buckfast Abbey Summer Fayre


"One woman (who had been sitting next to Toby Buckland) said she loved my dress, so I mentioned our 'green and flowers' dress code, and she said, 'Oh - I'd noticed a gentle sway of green through the singers; it looked lovely.'  Ah, I said, but what about our singing?!  'Oh, that was really lovely - I loved it all...'  "





Many thanks for coming and putting on a wonderful show!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of it that I could hear.

Your songs were so inventive and full of energy too!

I would love you to come again if we are able to run it.

My thanks again and best wishes to you all,


Aaron Southgate, Buckfast Abbey 2018



Comment about the Teignmouth Classical Music Festival 2019


Firstly, my congratulations on staging such an enjoyable and hugely successful Classical Music Festival this year. I have heard nothing but glowing tributes about the excellence of the concerts from all my friends and colleagues who attended, and also from my students, who took part.
I do really appreciate all the work and effort you have put into this event, especially in a location where classical music is not so well known and supported, and also in the light of many other musical events 'competing' for an audience.