The last quotation in the programme is the one I've used for the second section of the 'mini-cantata' we'll be practising from our first rehearsal in January onwards for the March concerts.  But the whole programme is fascinating.  Do give it a listen.
Soul Music is a superb series that investigates personal stories of people who have a special link to pieces of music.  It is often very moving, but this episode is heart-wrenching at several moments.  I challenge you to get through it without shedding a tear or two.  If you're feeling emotionally delicate it may be best avoided, but if you fancy a cathartic weep, this'll do it for you.  

This is a link to a podcast which discusses the health benefits of belongng to a choir




A series of podcasts marking the Apollo Moon Landing



A wonderful interview with James Lovelock to mark his 100th Birthday. Extraordinary man.